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It is with absolute pleasure and only pleasure that we are again able to host this exceptionally eclectic pairing and announce our final addition to the international lineup for Inner Varnika 2017.

By all means we are not claiming that the sum is greater than the parts with this combination, as within their own right these artists are accomplished beyond resolve and without comparison individually – and not just exclusive to deejaying and producing records – yet the synergy that is created when these two combine is undeniable. One could easily traverse tangents and expound theoretically as to why these two create such a profound musical experience when they come together, yet one could also be practical and just sound off the innumerous ill tracks and ill sets these two have constructed over the years.

Carelessly elevating themselves over the years into legendary status due to their uncompromising commitment to the DIY underground ethic they embody, their unquestionably broad skill set and incredibly diverse pallets. These suspects have eschewed all things commercially viable whilst also re-appropriating corporate symbology rendering them faux-paus and showing what they inherently are through their in-house flyers; meaningless consumerist commercial designs devoid of any cultural significance. This dexterous duo is truly distinct in form and fashion through the manner in which they involve and incite competing genres and artforms into a coordination of co-operative thump, grind and attitude like nobody else.

Emanating “straight out of Norway”, and curating a parent label and subsequent sub-labels which undoubtedly have all attained cult appeal, the nefarious brothers, DJ Sotofett and DJ Fett Burger, in tandem, come the closest we have heard to creating temporary autonomous zones via stinging records together in the manner they only know how; with complete disregard for what and how the rest of’em are doing.

For those present the past two years, you know just how special it is. For those who weren’t, we can’t wait to share once again a celebration encompassing musical and cultural diversity, anchored in otherworldly mastery and presence behind the turntables.

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