Peter Van Hoesen

With this our fourth announcement, we declare, in a bid to drive up the techno stocks for IV17, an absolute specialist in his field. A man who embodies the allure of hypnotic electronics through his forward pushing club music, we wish to welcome to our lineup, Peter Van Hoesen.

Having cemented his presence among electronic luminaries, over the last decade and a half PVH has been filing away productions and seminal sets alike, many of which are now held in both critical and timeless regard. His curation of the highly lauded Time To Express label and his legendary sets at Niigata’s coveted Labyrinth Festival has seen a dedicated fellowship form in his wake and demonstrate his ability to curate today’s gathering and tomorrow’s taste.

Veering between psychedelic club music and experimental thump, The Hose will be presenting his rarely heard hybrid live set for the first time down under, expounding his mastery in the great outdoors for the feet and the heads.

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