Jayda G

We have witnessed and heard underground artists gain traction and allegedly “blow up” quickly yet still, this has taken us aback. In many ways, we straight up lucked out being able to secure the soulful services of this artist, taking time out from an immensely full touring schedule to debut in the land down under and serenade the IV dancers with her infectious presence and impeccable taste.

Also bouncing out from the Canadian snow-scapes, emitting nothing less than warm and welcoming vibes from Vancouver, Jayda G is an environmental toxicologist by training yet an alchemist of wax by practice. Possessing an uncommon ability to glide through house, disco and soul’ed up groove whilst keeping a thumping narrative in tact, we can’t help but be swept up in not only what Jayda does, but also the way she does it.

Having appeared on Frankston’s finest, Butter Sessions, and now co-running Freakout Cult, based upon party nights which she has been throwing in Vancouver; Jayda moves from strength to strength laying down mixes and jams which have remained grooved in the mind and feet of dancers worldwide.

And so with dancers delight and anticipation that we are able to present Jayda G at IV’17 for her debut Australian performance.

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