James Pants

Here at IV HQ we are psyched to be elevating our line-up from a feast to a degustation with another citizen of impeccable groove; one very fine purveyor of funk whose command of all things bounce & beat is underscored by his multi-instrumental talents.

A hard man to get hold of, not since 2011 has he graced and grimed the nation of Australia with his unique song. Therefore it is with grinning enthusiasm that we are able to present, for a rare visit down under for Inner Varnika 2017, one mister James Pants.

If one were to voluntarily veer into abstract mathematics and chart the vectors carved by dancing feet when this artist performs, the result would be dance diagrams of the most angular distortion. Whether DJing, or through his incredibly diverse and broad live sets, we would be left decoding expressive equations that reveal an exceptional mastery of slung back thump and boogie, verging on the fringes of synthesizing an altogether new genre.

While technically from the West-Coast, please immediately erase from your mind visions of wide Hollywood boulevards and big city lights. Rather picture a Washington town of little repute and a wide eyed kid spending days learning the drums, warmly encouraged by Presbyterian minister parents. Such undistracting environments tend to be good for developing deeply eclectic and curious music tastes and James Pants is the case in point.

From percussionist beginnings he grew into a true 80s child of a globalised world. If you shook down Hip-Hop, Electric Boogie, Psychedelic and New-Wave for all their precious valuables, added in some biblical and occult themes, as well as familiar filmic soundtracks and a bit of Michel Gondry aesthetic for good measure, then you’d only get halfway to understanding this man. The other half you can only find on the dancefloor, through direct personal experience of the weirdo energy that is James Pants. Having no regard for the conventional and the formulaic norm, this soulful psychonaut, with turntable, drum machine, pads and microphone, takes competing genres on a galactic spin of co-operative bump and grind.

Prophesying Hip-Hop’s divergence into electronica and balearic long before the rest, he has gained deserved notoriety, a loyal and royal following, and has been one of the few to so gracefully crash the Stones Throw VIP Hip-Hop party. With his reputation preceding him, this penultimate international guest is an unconventional and rare beat artist not to be missed.

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