In Aeternam Vale

Prefacing this announcement, we’re obliged to advise of the high probability that one may fall off one’s chair, or even that one’s jaw may do the proverbial. For the purposes of avoiding physical injuries and law suits, we will lay it down slowly.

Few before this man have furnished and founded an audio legacy of the magnitude that this artist has left behind him in the post-punk, industrialist, minimal, and avant spheres.  An undisputed pioneer in his field since the early 80’s as a band and consequently as a one man outfit, Laurent Prot has been conjuring up manifestations of cold uncompromising improvised minimalism which to date are still timely and exceptional in their diversity.

Further anchoring his unrivalled sonic genius is an unashamed and unapologetic approach, eschewing the musical norm. Prot is a breadth of musical vision, arrived at via his experimental approach and a mastery of synthesisers, electronic instruments, rhythm boxes and self designed drum machines. This artist always carries with him an intention to whip floors into a ruckus frenzy, with or without your body’s permission.

Born in Lyon, France and raised on the nascent punk ethic of the DIY anti-establishment approach to recording music, Prot developed a healthy disdain for the current musical climate. With a taste for musical agitation, IAV began releasing cassette tapes on Garde Au Sol Productions, Organic and R.R products to underground applause, further establishing his long lived notoriety and leaving behind a legendary and incredibly broad assortment of futurist tinged hypnotic electronica, all well ahead of it’s time.

In 2009 Laurent was lured by the seminal N.Y.C label Minimal Wave to reignite his project, only to confound listeners and dancers alike with his abstract live groove. Still today do we come across pieces of congruent improvisation hidden deep within his catalogue that leave us aglow with both awe and straight up adulation. Not stated lightly, there is no one like him, nor is it likely there ever will be again.

It is therefore with dangerous levels of excitement that we announce the one-and-only In Aeternam Vale for a very rare visit to Australia for IV17. This can only mean an experience on the floor which does not present itself very often so you better pack your self tight!

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