DJ Sprinkles

For our fifth announcement, we are blatantly going to escalate the line-up and raise the stakes this year with an artist dear to our ears and close to our hearts.

Hailing from the mid-west of the U.S – this artist ground out her legendary status at the apex of the New York club scene in the 80’s, whose Loft style of mixing remains an expression of and tribute to the minority sub-cultures of that time.

Owing to his impeccable taste and talent as a DJ, audio visionary, producer, activist, social critic and commentator, hers is a presence that today resonates with the majority of dancers and minds. In short, this artist has no equal.

Musically, culturally and intellectually there is no one in the game who has accomplished what she has accomplished. As such it goes without saying that we are humbled to present you with the incomparable — the one and the only — DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz for IV’17.

Founding Comatonse recordings in 1993 and releasing over 15 albums to critical applause, Thamelitz’s audio and literary legacy combines a critical re-view of the intertwined and overlapping structures of identity politics, gendered conceptions, linguistics and the subsequent distorted distribution and absorption channels inherent in audio commercialism.

Exposing some of the processes behind the construction of social identities in the audio market space for artists and audio agitators alike, Thaemlitz, through varied and disparate albums, remixes and lectures has problematised the penchant for pigeonholing artists and accompanying art by producing conflicting genres under over half a dozen monikers.

DJ Sprinkles’ debut artist album from 2009 – Midtown 120 Blues – came to embody a dissenting voice whereby the context and sonic signature of house music are turned in on themselves in order to highlight the dissociative spaces, distribution channels and subsequent distorted histories that have come to occupy underground dance music culture – reminding us that “house wasn’t so much a sound as a situation”.

An unrivaled artist who intoxicates with depth and jack, DJ Sprinkles is club culture personified in the historical and post (modern) sense. This promises to be an experience seldom repeated and certainly not to be missed. Do not sleep on DJ Sprinkles’ only Victorian show.


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